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Dress Rehearsal Schedule

Sunday June 12, 2022

UB Center for the Arts, Mainstage Theatre

9:00 AM -12:00 PM

Arrival time for ALL dancers in Act I is 8:30 AM, rehearsal for Act I is from 9:00 -10:30 AM

Arrival time for ALL dancers in Act II is 10:00 AM, rehearsal for Act II is from 10:30-12:00 PM 


Regular class attire and hair

No check-in is required for this rehearsal

Rehearsal will be run in show order (see below)

Please enter from the back of the Mainstage Theatre, remain behind the front mezzanine (break)

Please sit to either side not center, if remaining in theater, no food or drinks in theater, no talking

One parent per child is allowed in the theater only if they are needed

Children will sit in sections marked by their class until they are escorted to the stage

They will then be brought back into the auditorium after they rehearse

Children will be allowed to leave only when all of their class rehearsals are over

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Show Order 

Act I

1. Shostakovich - Pre-Pro Ballet, Thurs., Ms. Maris

2. Battle Hymn Of The Old Republic - Int. 2 Ballet, Thurs., Ms. Janice

3. I Feel Pretty - Ballet 1, Sat., Ms. Sarah Jane

4. Coming Of Age - Int. Lyrical, Mon., Ms. Aviana/Mr. Jeremiah

5. Just To Dance - Ballet D, Sat., Ms. Jenni

6. Paquita - Pre-Pro Ballet, Wed., Ms. Carol

7. Us Against The World - Contemporary 3, Tues., Ms. Katrina



8. Butterflies - Pre-Ballet 1, Sat., Ms. Lisa 

9. Butterfly Catchers - Pre-Ballet 2, Wed., Ms. Jill

10. Singing In The Rain - Ballet C, Tues., Ms. Katrina

11. Air - Pre-Pro Ballet, Mon., Ms. Katrina 

12. Maypole - Ballet D, Mon., Ms. Maris

13. Steppin Out And Boogie - Tap 2/3, Thurs., Ms. Karen

14. Stairway To Paradise - Ballet F, Tues., Ms. Janice



15. Let's Go Fly A Kite - Ballet A, Sat., Ms. Lisa

16. Levitating - Hip Hop, Tues., Ms. Aviana

17. Oklahoma - Ballet E, Wed., Ms. Jenni

18. Adorable - Tap 1, Thurs., Ms. Karen

19 Ice Cream Cones - Ballet A, Mon., Ms. Katrina 


 20 Stars And Stripes - Int. 2 Ballet, Tues., Ms. Janice


Act II

21. Pachelbel's Canon in D Major - Pre-Adv. Ballet, Sat., Ms. Maris

22. Angelina Ballerina - Ballet 1, Sat., Ms. Katrina 

23. Hold On To Me - Pre-Pro Lyrical, Thurs., Ms. Katrina 

24. Sleeping At Last - Contemporary 1/2, Sat., Ms. Katrina 

25. Bach Concerto - Int. 2 Ballet, Mon., Ms. Maris



26. School Days - Ballet B, Wed., Ms. Jill

27. Little Red Riding Hood - Pre-Ballet 2, Sat., Ms. Jenni 

28. Love Life - Int. 2 Contemporary, Tues., Ms. Katrina  

29. Flower Hoops - Ballet E, Sat., Ms. Lisa

30. Kissing In The Rain - Pre-Pro Ballet, Tues., Ms. Sarah Jane

31. The Greatest Showman - Acro 1, Sat., Ms. Lara



32. Escape! - Pre-Pro Contemporary, Mon., Ms. Katrina

33. Thank Heaven For Little Girls - Ballet 1, Mon., Ms. Jill

34. La Boutique Fantastique - Ballet B, Sat., Ms. Katrina

35. White Winter - Acro 11/Adv., Sat., Ms. Lara

36. Snow Maidens - Pre-Pro Ballet, Ms. Maris


 37. Dance Ballerina Dance - Ballet F, Wed., Ms. Maris

38. Rompin & Stompin - Adv. Tap, Thurs., Ms. Karen 

39. Imagine - Lyrical 1/2, Monday., Mr. Jeremiah


40. Time To Say Goodbye - Pre-Pro Ballet, Ms. Maris

Although we do our best to adhere to a tight schedule, sometimes rehearsals run over. Please plan accordingly. We appreciate your ongoing commitment and flexibility.

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