When you approach the studio main entrance you will see safe distancing markers on the cement from the curb leading up to the door.  Students must wait their turn to enter.  There will be a parent or teacher at the doorway to welcome them and take their temperature and log it in.  (We have the infrared No-Touch Forehead thermometers which literally take 2 seconds!)  Then they will be escorted to the hallways where they can sit on one of the many benches (each marked with tape 6 ft. apart) and change into their dance shoes.



All students must come to classes dressed in their dance clothes.   Once seated on their benchmark they change their street shoes and MUST put them in either a plastic bag, their dance bag, or on one of the trays in the hall.



Because the dressing room is closed and will not be available for changing at this time they must come dressed for class. 



There is only one sink available in the girl's bathroom. This will insure that only one person enters the bathroom at a time.   The bathrooms will be cleaned before and after each use.  I suggest that before you leave your home you have your child use your bathroom to avoid over use.



The studios have been thoroughly cleaned and a professional company came in to spray sterilize every surface from floor to ceiling.   All studio air conditioners have the Merv 13 filters as mandated by NYS.  All studio Floors have colored 5-foot squares with an extra 2 feet on each side.  For now, barres are only being used in certain classes and they are sanitized before and after each use.  


TEACHERS:  All teachers will be wearing masks and will distance themselves at least 6 feet from their students.  Although they will demonstrate they will only verbally correct and will not be allowed to touch their students.


MASKS:   Masks are mandatory as dictated by the state.   Students MUST wear masks once they enter the door.  They will get a short break between center barre and center floor in which they may take their masks off briefly.


CLASSES:  All classes that have younger children in them are limited in size to assure that they will stay in their squares etc.   Classes will end 5 minutes early so that floors, stereos etc. can be thoroughly wiped down.


Additional Instructions for Fairy Tale Dance, Pre Ballet I, and Pre Ballet II students:


Parents of Fairy Tale, Pre Ballet I & II students will be allowed to enter the studio with their child. 


There are six-foot distancing markers from the street to the studio door. Please wait on one of these markers until you move up to the door.


Upon entering the main door your temperatures will be taken with our inferred no-touch thermometer. 


The dressing room is closed to all students. Please have your daughter take her street shoes off and put them in a bag or on a tray and put on her ballet shoes. Once the teacher comes and brings them into the studios, parents must leave so we can spray the chairs, benches, etc. When class is over we will bring your child to the outside door, one at a time. This way we ensure social distancing.


Please have your child come dressed for class with the exception of her ballet slippers.


Please have them use the bathroom just before you leave your house. I know with the little ones they often still have to use the bathroom. For the younger students, there will be a mom in the hallway that will spray the toilets, sinks, and doorknobs every time someone uses them. There will be an assistant to escort them to the bathroom and back to their studio.