All the studios and rooms will be thoroughly and professionally cleaned prior to resuming in studio classes. A professional company is coming in with machines to spray sanitize and sterilize everything from floors to ceilings.  There will be 6 foot squares on all the studio floors to keep safe distancing.   Students coming into studio classes must come dressed for class as the dressing room will not be in use at this time.  There will be 6 foot distancing markers from the curb to the studio door.  Please stay on your marker until you are up to the front door.  Once the student enters the door his/her temperature will be taken with our new Infrared no touch forehead thermometers.  Then they can go to one of the many benches which will also be separated by 6 foot markers.  They can take off their street shoes and place them in a plastic bag and put on their ballet slippers. (Please have your child bring a plastic bag if possible.) They will then be taken into their studio one at a time and placed on a six foot square.  Classes will be broken into two studios if there are more than 12 students in any level.

ENTRANCE: When you approach the studio main entrance you will see safe distancing markers on the cement from the curb leading up to the studio entrance door.  There will be a parent or teacher at the door entrance to welcome them and take their temperature and log it in.  (We have the new iHealth PT3 infrared No-Touch Forehead thermometers.) Then he/she will be escorted to the hallways where they can sit on a bench (marked with tape 6 feet apart) and change into their dance shoes.

CLOTHING: All students must come to classes in their dance clothes with only their street shoes on.  Once seated on their bench they can change their shoes and MUST put their street shoes into a plastic bag.

DRESSING ROOM: The dressing room will not be in use for changing so it is imperative that they come dressed for class. All cubbies will be covered with plastic and all benches will be removed. There will be markers on the floor around the dressing room and they may go in one at a time to put their plastic bag with their street shoes in it on a marker.

BATHROOMS: There will be only one stall open in the girls' bathroom.  The second stall will be taped closed. There will also only be one sink available. (The second sink will be covered in plastic) This will insure that only one person be allowed in the bathroom at a time.  There will be seat covers and wipes in each bathroom.  They will be cleaned before each class begins.  I suggest that you have your child use your bathroom before you leave the house to avoid over use of AAB bathrooms.

STUDIOS: The studios were thoroughly cleaned over a three day period and just before we reopen a professional company is coming to spray and sterilize every surface from floors to ceilings. All studios floors will be marked with tape at least six feet apart and each student will stand on their marker. For now there will no barres in the studios. (Barres attached to the walls will be covered in plastic) Students will begin class with a center barre, take a brief break, and begin center floor.

TEACHERS: All teachers will be wearing masks and will distance themselves at least six feet from their students.  Although they will demonstrate they will only correct verbally and will not be allowed to touch students while correcting. They will disinfect stereos, door knobs etc. after every class.

MASKS: Masks are mandatory as dictated by the state.  Students MUST wear masks once they enter the door.  They will get a short break between center barre and center floor in which they may take their masks off briefly.

EXIT: To avoid passing other students on their way into the studio, students who are finished with class will exit out studio 5 door and walk around the corner to the front.  Younger students will be escorted around to the front or their parents can wait for them outside studio 4 and 5.

PAYMENTS: We would prefer it if you paid your tuition online.  We will not be accepting cash or credit cards at this time.  You can, however, write a check payable to AAB and mail it to 491 W. Klein Rd. if you don't want to pay online.

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